Brochure Mockup Tutorial in Blender

On this day, I will share the brochure mockup file in Blender. Now, I intend to multiply the mockup with Blender. Initially I used Gimp, but I think it is still less practical if used mockup. And now I use Blender. Here you just change the texture then render it. Simply simple. Before using this mockup, there is a brochure design requirement to be made. I've added it in one file. Okay, here's the final mockup...

Brochure Mockup free download PSD Adobe Photoshop Blender Inkscape

What is your opinion? Quite interesting is not it? Okay, here I do not share tutorials make a mockup from scratch. Because this is quite a difficulty followed for beginners. For that I just share how to use this mockup. To know how to use it, please watch the video on my youtube channel

Before you begin make sure you have downloaded the mockup file containing the .blend file and the design standard of the brochure. You can download it for free. Here's the download link.


Okay, I think that's enough. thanks.

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