How to Make Samsung S10 Teaser Poster in Inkscape

Currently, I very rarely update articles on this blog. Though this domain is not free and is required to rent every year. Until some of my blogs, I did not extend the domain to reduce my expenses. Until now, I only have this one domain. Okay, I'm sorry if I rarely update either on this blog or on my YouTube channel.

teaser poster inkscape samsung galaxy s10 tutorial graphic design adobe illustrator vector coreldraw

Okay, we have done the basics... Here I will share the latest inkscape tutorial. Not tutorial but timelapse. Because I need a longer video duration, but I want the video to be shorter in duration... And this time, I made a poster design similar to the teaser of the Samsung Galaxy S10 poster. Here are the results...

teaser poster inkscape samsung galaxy s10 tutorial graphic design adobe illustrator vector coreldraw

I'm interested in this Samsung S10 poster. Moreover, the color uses gradations rather than flat colors. With the color gradation will cause a depth effect such as a 3d effect. For that I tried to copy the design, and apply it in Inkscape. And it turned out that it took a long time to make this cheat design. At least I did an experiment since last February. Right after the announcement of this Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone. It's not difficult, but at that time I was very busy working offline. So little by little try to adapt it in Inkscape. A week later, I noted, a few weeks later I arranged the method. a few weeks later I did the recording, and until I published it on youtube...

The picture above is the final design... Huh, at least I need 2 months to make this timelapse video... Wkwkwkwkwk (how to laugh in my country). So I'm sorry, if I rarely update the tutorial. Many of my subscribers asked when to update the tutorial.

Okay, we go to the core of this post (Sorry, for my previous comments). Here I am just trying to copy the Samsung S10 poster design and apply it in Inkscape. We only need rectangular object, text, color, and gradient. For color, we can use the dropper tool. And in the tutorial video I have included the color palette. Next just watch the tutorial

Here I also include a download link that contains this design file, paleet color, and the final results. You can download it at the following link


Okay, that's enough for this post. I hope you enjoy my experience. Thank you for visiting this blog...

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