Free Download T-Shirt Mockup XCF for GIMP

So far I often post about inkscape. Mostly I share about inkscape tutorials. In this post I will share about GIMP. Here I will share a free t-shirt mockup for Gimp. For this t-shirt mockup, I got it from a PSD file which is usually opened in Adobe Photoshop. Which I later edited and adjusted for Gimp users. This makes it easier for Gimp users who want to use a t-shirt mockup file.

T-Shirt Mockup XCF Gimp Free Download

I haven't used GIMP for a long time because I usually use Gimp for color correction, resizing, removing distracting objects, and other simple tasks. And even then I'm still using Gimp 2.8. And recently I updated GIMP to 2.10. And I immediately practiced to use a koas mockup in Gimp which you can see an example of a t-shirt mockup below.

T-Shirt Mockup XCF Gimp Free Download

When using Gimp 2.10 I feel a lot of big changes compared to version 2.8. More features so I have to adapt to this Gimp 2.10. Because when using a t-shirt mockup file, we only need simple tools such as select tool, copy and paste, move tool, and scale tool. But for the future I will explore this Gimp 2.10. Before seeing the tutorial on how to use a t-shirt mockup file in Gimp, you should download the XCF file below.


To see how to use the t-shirt mockup file in Gimp 2.10, you can watch my youtube video below. Don't worry, I won't be at length here, so it won't take a long time. You should watch the video on how to use the t-shirt mockup file in Gimp 2.10.

After watching the video above, what do you think? Very easy isn't it? I hope you can follow this video. Thanks for reading this simple post. If you have any suggestions or others, you can submit them in the comments column below.

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