About Me

BLOG DESAINEW is a simple blogging site that contains about graphic design and open source. Open source software such as Inkscape, Gimp, Blender, Scribus and others. Most of these blogs discuss tutorials, tips and tricks as well as reviews based on personal experience.

Blog Name  :  Desainew Studio
Author  :  Irfan Prastiyanto
Founded on  :  8 Juli 2012
Email  :  irfanow[at]gmail.com
Whatsapp : https://bit.ly/irfanew
Telegram  :  https://t.me/irfanew
Web URL  :   http://www.desainew.com

Why use the word "Desainew" for this blog address? Because the word "Desainew" comes from the word "Desain" (Design) means this blog contains mostly graphic design articles and "New" means new meaning in making this graphic design using software different than generally that is using open source software with simple technique.

  • Want to make OS / software (especially graphic design field) based on open source is widely used by any circle to reduce the number of piracy especially in this country

  • Provide articles in the form of reviews, tutorials, tips and tricks in the form of video or ebook to support in studying the use of open source software 
  • Provide the source of design files for free to learn

In the future maybe this blog does not discuss the world of graphic design but also discusses about other information technology.

So, from the story about this blog. Hopefully you who visit this blog benefit. You are also allowed to copy paste articles in this blog with a note with the source link if you are a true blogger. If there is a mistake, I apologize, and thank you.