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Capsule Design Illustration Tutorial in Inkscape

It's been a while since I made an illustrated object design in Inkscape. Although the object produced by Inkscape / Adobe Illustrator is not realistic or can be called semi realistic. I really like it because it has a characteristic. Okay, here is the final design drawing.

Capsule Design illustration adobe illustrator inkscape tutorial
To make this takes me a while. At least it took me more than 20 minutes to create this tutorial. Though I have used quick tricks. The quick trick I mean is texture creation on the packaging design in the form of many small circle objects. At first I used the clone tool to make it. However, this method is very burdensome performance of my notebook. Finally I found a simple trick that is to change the object of those small circles to the pattern. So very light. Furthermore in the making of capsule object is very easy. The rest only gives as if it were a 3D object.

In addition to the final image above. I also tried to make it in another color. Here's an example picture.

Capsule design illustration inkscape adobe illustrator blender 3D
Capsule design illustration tutorial inkscape and gimp

Okay, to see more detailed tutorials. You can watch my tutorial videos on my Youtube channel. Here's the link

Okay, I think it's enough here. Thank you for visiting this blog.

Irfan Prastiyanto
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