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Logo Mockup Tutorial with Blender

So far I really enjoy playing inkscape and gimp. But somehow I got bored. So I tried playing 3D objects again in Blender. As in the previous post, Matchbox 3D Modeling with Blender. Although there asaya use simple 3D objects. My notebook is a bit less respond when processing objects match the match. But I can get through it easily. Okay, in this post, I will share the 3D logo mockup file in Blender. Initially I was inspired from the Adobe Photoshop tutorial, but I can not do it in gimp. Because the features in Gimp are still not supported. Although we can outsmart it. But it is very inconvenient. Not automatically like Adobe Photoshop. Here is the final result.

3D logo mockup Blender PSD Adobe Photoshop free download

Here you will not make it from scratch. You only use mockup from me. Import - Extrude - Render. Those are the steps to create your own 3D logo mockup. So very easy. You do not need to set lighting and display. To start creating a 3D logo mockup in Blender. You should prepare a vector file with svg format. Here I make it in Inkscape. Next you download the following mockup.


After you download the mockup, you just delete the logo object. And import your logo. For a more complete tutorial. You can watch videos on my youtube channel. Please click on the following link.

Okay, what about the mockup result of your logo? Interesting right? You no longer need Adobe Photoshop. If you still have trouble. You can ask in the comment field below. Thank you for visiting this blog.

Irfan Prastiyanto
Irfan Prastiyanto Logo/Graphic/Wordpress Designer

4 comments for "Logo Mockup Tutorial with Blender"

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  3. Izin nanya, Mas. Pas saya buka filenya di Blender 2.90 kok ngga bisa bikin kayak di tutorial ya, tapi di versi Blender yang sama bisa. Ada solusi atau pengetahuannya, Mas? Terima kasih

    I'm confused because of Blender file didn't open properly in the newer version of the software but shown good in the same version as the tutorial. Is there any solution of this problem? Because I want to use the newer version continuously. I'm a Blender noob btw. Thanks!

    1. Untuk sementara kalau menggunakan file ini jangan menggunakan blender versi terbaru (karena file ini menggunakan Blender Internal untuk rendernya)... Kedepannya saya akan memberikan update file untuk Blender terbaru (Cycles)...