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Peeled Text Effect Tutorial in Inkscape

After previous, we create capsule illustration. Here we will discuss Peeled Text Effect Tutorial in Inkscape. This tutorial is inspired by Adobe Illustrator Tutorial on one of the youtube channels. Actually we can easily make this effect in Blender. However, I think if made in Inkscape would be more comfortable. Here is the final design.

Peeled text effect tutorial in Inkscape not Adobe Illustrator

Okay, are you interested to try it? Actually I want the peeled text effect is shaped like an arch. I have tried several Path Effects. But the result is still not satisfactory. To solve the problem I use skew on text object. So as if curved.

In the previous inkscape tutorial (you can check on my youtube channel), I generally avoid the use of "Filters" in Inkscape. So, to create effects like "Drop Shadow", "Inner / Outer Glow", and "Blur" I do it manually in "Fill and Stroke". I use this way so as not to burden my notebook. However, the duration of the tutorial will be longer and more complex.

Now I use Filters for peeled text effect tutorial. But here I do not use Filters excessively. In order to keep notebook performance fast. Maybe if you have a machine with a high specification certainly do not matter this. Okay, we will start learning to create a peeled text effect in Inkscape. Please click the following youtube link

Okay, I think it's enough here. If you are confused please ask the comment field below. Thank you for visiting this blog.

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