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Coupon Design Free Download

Long time no see me. Lately I'm busy offline. So I rarely update this blog or videos on my youtube channel. Usually I update my work on my Instagram or my Facebook. Although the same is rarely updated. Okay, this time I will share a coupon or ticket design svg inkscape for an event in my country. Because at that time, in my country I would commemorate Heroes' Day. And this is one of the "Thank You Projects". I'm sure you know what I mean. To see the results, you can see the following picture.

Ticket or Coupon design inkscape svg cdr eps ai free download

Okay, you must ask, how do I find a design concept like this? Before starting this ticket or coupon design. I research first. As usual I look for design inspiration on Google or Pinterest.

From the search results image, I select some that I like and save them. Okay, then I choose one of the ticket designs that I like the most. Because this will be my reference for the design that I will make. Here I use the "Observe, Emulate, and Modify" techniques. Then I made a minimalist design because this type is one that I like. Then I made a big text title. So that people will focus on the title with the theme of the Heroes' Day event. And the symbol of the city of Surabaya. For the symbol of Surabaya, I made it manually with manual tracing from photos. And with the monoline type, it is only a striped object. And I put it on the left side. For other elements I put it in a place that I like.

And after seeing the final results, it turns out the results are different. The design that I made is not the same as the sample design (from google). And from my customer, he gave a pretty good response. Although there are some improvements before going to print. And if I calculate how long does this design work be made? Approximately one week. It's a bit long. Although this "Thank You Project". I will not half as much for the design that I will make. Depends on the smooth creative ideas that I have.

Okay, here I am not only talking about the design process that I made. I will also share the file. And this file license is Free Commercial Use. 

For the link, there is below.


Maybe this just hurts me. Sorry if this article is still not neat. Because suddenly, I want to write a blog. Thank you and see you later.

Irfan Prastiyanto
Irfan Prastiyanto Logo/Graphic/Wordpress Designer

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