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To continue posting about the design project that I once worked on. This time I share my freelance project, which of course is all done by foss software (Free Open Source Software) such as Inkscape and Gimp. This project is one of the biggest projects that I have ever handled. Until I asked my friend for the website. Not only logo design but also web design until it is truly online. All left to me.

I got this project from my email inbox. He is from Hawaii, United States. He wants to make a logo design in the property field. He wants a symbol of a tall building and only one color. And the result is like this.

Logo Design developer property home inpiration vector contracor

Here I use the letters L and I because they are the initials of the company owner. And formed a building. And without further ado my client accepted it and appreciated it. And of course without the need for revision. I feel relieved to have this very good customer. He immediately sent money via paypal. Even though I haven't sent the final design yet.

Logo Design developer property home inpiration vector contracor

Next I also design business cards and websites to go online. For business card designs directly accepted. And for the website there is a little problem because I can't make a website template.

Finally I contacted my friend via Facebook to help work on this website project. And the deal, my friend does the web according to my web design.

And finally all the projects have been done and my clients really appreciate my work. The lesson that I can take, it seems I need to learn programming to create wordpress templates. So as not to get confused again when I can design this website.

Thank you for reading my curhatan here. See you again in the next post.
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