How to Make Your Own Color Palette with GPick

Have you ever found a color combining image, then save the image and then embed it in Inkscape? If there are more embed projects one by one. Me too ... And I was looking for ways to make my own color palette. So many ways to make it.

how to make your own color palette in gpick with simple trick tutorial can be used in gimp and inkscape

Usually there are those that contain color combinations. If we copy the code one by one it will take a lot of time. I wonder if there is a more efficient way? And apparently it can be done with GPick. So, some colors that have been taken from GPick can be directly saved in the .gpl format. And this format is supported by Gimp and Inkscape (I don't know whether other applications support this .gpl format).

Here I will share how to easily create a color palette using GPick. GPick only exists on GNU / Linux. For Windows users, I hope you can adjust. Because here I am using this GPick, I recommend installing this GPick.

how to make your own color palette in GPick can be used in Gimp and inkscape

Okay, we just see the tutorial for creating color palettes in this GPick. You can click the tutorial link at

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