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Geometric Nature Illustration Tutorial in Inkscape

Hello everyone, for some reason now I prefer to make vector illustration designs in Inkscape. It's because before that I often made logo designs for customer orders. The logo design looks simple. But to find the idea was quite complicated. It takes time and effort to research to create a logo that is unique and memorable. That's the challenge of a logo designer. Sometimes I refuse the logo design order, after briefly looking at the client brief. What can you do if the idea doesn't come up. Because I'm stuck thinking about creative ideas for creative designs. I switched to vector illustration design.

Geometric Nature Illustration Tutorial in Inkscape Adobe illustrator corel draw vector design tip and trick

Here, I try to create a geometric illustration design in Inkscape. I'm quite enjoying it so far. Usually I scroll on Pinterest or on google to find a vector illustration design that catches my attention. Then I save, then I try whether the illustration design can be made in Inkscape. If possible, an inkscape tutorial will be made. If not, I'll definitely skip it. Okay, you can see the image below to see the geometric illustration design in Inkscape.

After seeing the geometric illustration design above, are you interested in trying it? To create this geometric illustration design, the method is quite easy because it only uses the help of grids/guides. Here I use guides as a guide, if the grid I'm confused. Next, I arrange geometric objects, both in the form of rectangles, to pieces of circles. For more details, I have prepared a geometric illustration design tutorial on my youtube channel. So you can learn inkscape tutorials easily and fun. You can watch the inkscape tutorial video below.

After seeing the inkscape tutorial video above, I hope you can make it too. Because I think this geometric illustration design is very easy. With this inkscape, we can do whatever is done in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Although the features in Inkscape are not as complete as Adobe Illustrator/Corel Draw. Inkscape can do this with a few additional tricks. I'm done with this post, thanks for visiting. See you in the next post.

Irfan Prastiyanto
Irfan Prastiyanto Logo/Graphic/Wordpress Designer

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