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How to Use 3D Logo Mockup in Blender

In the inbox I actually get a request to update the mockup in Blender. Because the latest version of Blender has a different UI and the internal rendering is no longer there and replaced with Cycles rendering. Here I share how I use a mockup file to change your logo to look like 3D. So you can see your logo simulation in the real world.

Realistic 3D Mockup Blender Tutorial Free Download without PSD Adobe Photoshop Desainew Studio

I apologize in advance, because I didn't update this 3D logo mockup in Blender soon. Because I have to get used to the new look in Blender. As you can see, in this latest version of Blender the appearance has almost completely changed. Indeed, in terms of appearance, it makes it easier for users and feels comfortable to linger when playing Blender 3D. Here, too, I have to adapt to it from the UI appearance until I have to get used to rendering Cycles.

Here I create a new file again while adapting in this latest Blender. I'm using Blender version 2.93.4 if I'm not mistaken this is the most stable version. For this Blender software, maybe I can't dive any further. I use this Blender only for simple modeling needs (because I feel sorry for my laptop). In this mockup file, you only import the svg file that you prepared. Then extrude, and adjust a little, give the material color (white is best suited here). Then render. Finished. That is it. You no longer need to set the right camera angle, light source layout, and more. You just need to enter the logo file in svg format. And for the rendering, obviously we use Blender's built-in rendering Cycles which will produce realistic images. And for the rendering time needed, maybe later each PC/Laptop takes a different time. Image size also affects rendering time.

For this 3D logo mockup file for Blender, you can download it below


Alright, how to use this 3D logo mockup file in blender? I have prepared a Blender tutorial video below.

After a long time, I have finally updated the 3D logo mockup in the latest version of blender. And with this I hope you can apply it in other logos. If you need something or other. You can contact me or via comments. Thank you.

Irfan Prastiyanto
Irfan Prastiyanto Logo/Graphic/Wordpress Designer

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