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LHH Letter Logo Design Tutorial with Grid System

I once took part in the 99designs contest which was quite challenging. Most are logo design contests. Usually I use fast motion technology. When I scrolled through the existing contests, once I found an idea, I immediately executed it in the Inkscape software. Yes, I do this because I don't really think about winning. I just practiced executing the brief into the logo design. So I just did a little research. Here is one of the logos I've ever made for the 99designs contest. LHH lettering Logo Design

LHH Letter Logo Design Tutorial with Grid System with Inkscape Adobe Illustrator logo design process Desainew Studio

Here I made a simple LHH logo design, using letter initials and I formed it like a house object. Especially for logo design contests, I usually don't take long to research, but I'm still trying to make an ORIGINAL logo design. Usually when I scroll through an ongoing contest, when I find an idea, I immediately start working on the design. To make this logo, I used a grid to make it more interesting. Here I use the box object as the basis of the grid and then I arrange it so that it forms the letter LHH. Then I edited it a bit and the logo design was the result. To see the process of designing this LHH letter logo, you can watch my video below.

After so then I submit, and forget it. Because I don't care about winning. At first it was good to get a 3 star rating in my opinion. You can see it at the link Want to submit using another design, I can't do it because it's already stuck idea. Actually it's possible, I use a generic logo BUT that's not my style.

Okay, I think that's enough for this post. Thank you for reading my post.

Irfan Prastiyanto
Irfan Prastiyanto Logo/Graphic/Wordpress Designer

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